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How to get your ProWriter profile approved and verified

Anyone can create a free profile on ProWriter, but profiles are only approved if they meet certain criteria.

Approved ProWriter profiles receive the Verified badge, which signifies that the profile holder has been vetted and approved by ProWriter’s third-party verification process.

In short, the badge helps writers establish more credibility and trust with employers, making them more competitive applicants and helping them get the jobs they want more easily.

In order to pass ProWriter’s third-party verification, profiles must meet the following criteria.

1. A passing score on the English Competency Quiz

All applicants for ProWriter approval and verification must be able to pass the onboarding English Competency Quiz with two (2) incorrect answers or fewer.

2. Published Content (‘Clips’ Section) Is Complete

To be considered for approval and verification, the Published Content (“Clips”) section should:

  • Include at least nine (9) clips
    • No more than three (3) clips to the same website (i.e., clips from at least three (3) different websites/outlets required)
    • Personal blog or Medium.com links may be included, but do not count toward the minimum nine (9) clips
  • Include at least three (3) bylined clips
    • Alternatively, writer must be able to demonstrate proof of authorship upon request
  • Reinforce English proficiency
    • ProWriter reviews writer-provided clips and samples to establish a minimum level of English competency in copywriting

3. Resume and bio are complete and verifiable

In order to be approved and verified, the resume and bio portions of the profile must demonstrate:

  • Industry experience that is verifiable
    • Interests/industries listed must be supported by clips provided
    • At least three (3) clips per industry/interest required
  • Social proofing
    • Provide at least two social media profiles in your ProWriter profile
    • A personal website that includes a photo/bio section for the writer can be used as one social proof
  • Location accuracy
    • Location provided must match what is listed on other social accounts/website
  • A profile photo that meets these criteria:
    • Must be able to clearly identify the profile photo as the same person in the social proofing examples
    • Must be a bust or headshot
    • Must be properly oriented (i.e. vertical)
    • Must be clear and crisp (non-pixelated)
    • Must be recent
    • Must be unobscured (i.e., no sunglasses, cropping that osbcures the face)
    • Full color
    • No filters
    • No hands present in photo (i.e. holding up a peace sign)
    • No “location” shots (i.e., main focus of image is Eiffel Tower in background of author, who is a small focus and hard to identify)
  • A professional personal bio
    • Bio section should contain complete sentences and be easy to understand.
    • Bio should use a professional tone (i.e. avoid personal salutations, e.g., “Hi!”, avoid internet acronyms, e.g., “lol”, avoid abstract symbol use or emojis, etc.)

Note that applicants for verification must be human beings. Brands, bots, spam, and otherwise will be declined and possibly subject to deletion.

Updated on April 23, 2020

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